Among my earliest memories are of organizing disparate collections of youthful infatuations into collections. Shoeboxes of quartz crystals, an encyclopedia with hundreds of pressed leaves between the pages, long ago abandoned keys amassed on multiple rings...

The care and maintenance of the many collections became a retreat into a private world of cross referenced obsessions. Containers for the many items became an integral part of the organizing function. Roll top desk with dozens of cubbyhole drawers, filing cabinets, tool chests.....

Childhood rituals have grown with adult veneers and have turned into a manifestation of obsessive compulsive order. Art has been added as a legitimizing manifestation that allows a semblance of sanity. The collections themselves have become a source of raw material for manipulation. Materials are assembled in vast numbers so that they take on form and substance beyond the single unit appeal.



soda can pop tops

scrabble tiles

tin can lids

paint by numbers panels

Art is therapy.

- Clare Graham

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